Power Rangers: Legacy Wars








Teams and Attacks

The player chooses one leader character and two support characters per team. The leader is the only one directly controlled by the player. The two assists act as Support Cards. The players have a power meter of 10 and must choose from one of three types of moves: Strike, Defense, or Breaker. Strikes can interrupt Breakers. Defense moves can block strikes (and in some cases counterattack), and Breakers can strike through Defense.


Daily and weekly missions are available to players. Various Morph Boxes are awarded to players who complete various missions. While most missions are daily or weekly, some are special event missions, such as those to unlock The White Tiger or Rito Revolto. Some missions require players to do damage, while others require players to battle and win using specific types of characters (Red Rangers, male Rangers, villains, etc.).

Daily mission is 5 missions specifically to be completed which at the end gives you a free morph box. The gauge on this is purple and takes missions of the same color to fill it. This is a 7 day mission with only 5 of the days needed to complete this. Damage Mission is a mission with an empty gauge from 0 to 6,000 that you must fill to the max by completing live PvP battles earning damage points as you do with corruption boxes. You earn damage points for this whether you win or lose.

Team up with Rangers and Villains